About The Trainer

Owner of Pro Skills Training Ky’Ree Scott was born in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He graduated from Frostburg State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise & Sports Science in May 2013. Being raised in a family where education and athletics were important he quickly developed the passion for football and played the sport at a very high level while competing at Riverdale Baptist High School. He also played up to his college career at Frostburg State University where the passion to study fitness came to fruition.

He obtained hands on field experience during various collegiate sports team internships which allowed the opportunity to personally train and condition college level athletes as a member of the staff. The teams trained included football, soccer, basketball amongst many other university teams. The caliber of training provided to many of these clients assisted him in developing his training portfolio. The internships have contributed immensely to the success of his personal and professional development.

Post college he has been employed as a master trainer at various health and fitness organizations, including Washington Sports Club and LA fitness, where he continued to gain additional experience and love for the field by working with individuals of many different backgrounds and fitness levels. In addition, he has worked as a graduate assistant football coach at Riverdale Baptist School, working with athletes showing them what is required to be the very best and succeed at the next level. He is CPR certified and is in the process of working on obtaining more certifications as well. With a strong dedication to mastering fitness development Pro Skills Training is here to provide individuals the motivation to achieve their fitness goals and to help athletes succeed at all levels!

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