Working with Pro Skills Training has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When I got serious about losing weight Ky’Ree was my first choice. The workouts are tailor made to my abilities and he is very patient with me while pushing me to my limits. All my family and friends have seen the results and I promptly tell them about Ky’Ree. When talking about self care, I most definitely made the right investment in Pro Skills Training and in myself.

Shatara Babbs

Pro Skills Training has enhanced my workouts substantially! Ky’Ree has provided variety to my workouts by giving me exercises to do at the gym and on my own. He has also given me a nutrition plan that has developed my eating habits in a positive way! I guarantee you will be satisfied that you signed up with Pro Skills Training!

Alex Armstrong

"Very good trainer, kept me focus, motivated, moving and lifting. He helped me improve my basketball game with core conditioning exercises and squats to improve balance and coordination. My focus and motivation improve has improved so much. I have won 10 medals playing in basketball tournaments while training with Pro Skills!

Collette Scott

Ky'Ree has a great presence and I feel very comfortable working with him. I feel that he truly has interest in his clients and is not just training his clients for the money. He mixes things up, challenges me and I feel that he expects me to do my best while pushing me to my full potential.

Jada Watson

I started training with Pro Skills when it became evident that I had hit a plateau in my fitness journey. Fitness was especially more difficult for me because I was dealing with an under active thyroid. Since beginning training with Ky’Ree, currently 6 months and counting, my body has become more sculpted and I am not only doing excercises that once intimidated me, but I am doing them with confidence and ease. Most importantly, my doctor stated that due to losing weight through my fitness journey my thyroid levels are approaching normal levels. Training with Pro Skills doesn’t stop after your training session is over, since Ky’Ree is great with always assisting and answering any other questions you may have. Do yourself a favor and put your body and health first, and sign up with Pro Skills!

Imani Dunigan