Training Services

Partner Training

If you need that extra motivation and support of a partner or two, this is the right choice for you. You will receive the same first class training while having the support of partner/partners around you while also receiving a lower rate! Clients will split the total price in half or thirds. This type of training will include cardio, weight training, HIIT training, & circuit training while still addressing the individual goals of each client!

Personal Training

Personal training will allow the client to get direct one on one service based on the clients specific goals. This type of training will include weight training, cardio, HIIT training, & circuit training. Each package will come with a nutrition plan! We guarantee the following: • Decreased Body Fat • Improved Cardiovascular Endurance • Improved Core Strength • Improved Muscular Strength • Nutritional Guidance • Better Overall Well Being

Nutrition Guide (Weight Loss & Weight Gain)

This is a detailed nutrition guide available for purchase that contains a grocery list, weight loss & weight gain tips, etc! We wanted to provide this guide as an option to all of our clients so they can reach their goals while putting the right foods & drinks in their bodies! The full guide is about 10 pages in length. If this guide interest you email us directly.

Small Group Training

For those looking to train in a group setting this is the right choice for you! We offer group training for up to 12 people (6 minimum). We can travel to you for this service if necessary! Price for this type of training will be based on the number of participants in the group and the location of the training.

Strength & Conditioning

This is for groups of athletes looking to excel at their sport. We offer strength and conditioning/Speed & Agility for athletic programs from AAU teams, boys and girls clubs, middle schools, high schools, etc during the season and offseason. This type of training will ensure the athlete is reaching their full potential in their particular sport while sustaining maximum peak performance throughout their athletic career!

Pre & Post Natal Training

This is for women who are looking to stay in shape or get in shape during or after your pregnancy period by doing the right type of exercises leading up to and after your due date. Some exercises can be dangerous during the pre & post natal period and should absolutely be avoided. We will develop a plan based on your goals to keep you fit and eating correctly to maintain excellent health throughout the prenatal period and after your birth!

Personal Training (3 months)

This training is a 3 month program for the current/upcoming season to help you reach your fitness goals! Choosing this program will require a greater commitment from you but will also yield greater results due to its consistency. We will train for the amount of days of your choice each month. The 3 month program will come with a nutrition guide to ensure your putting the right foods and drinks in your body. Our goal is to advance your workouts as well as give you a successful nutrition/training regimen that you can follow in the future!

Sports Performance Training

This type of training will be centered around the specific sport you are training for. We prepare athletes at every level for ALL sports using the latest and most effective sports science techniques! This training will improve strength, speed and agility, explosiveness, etc! Our goal is to design, build, and sustain an athletes peak performance throughout their entire athletic career!

Drop in session

This is perfect for those who want to just come in for a session to get a feel of what working one on one with a personal trainer will be like! Drop in sessions are offered ONE time only before signing up for a monthly package. *You are not required to sign up for training after a drop in session is complete!*

30 Day Challenge!

This 30 day fitness challenge is designed to jump start the process of achieving your fitness goals! Whether you're looking to lose weight, tone your body, or get prepared for an upcoming event, Pro Skills Training is here to help! During this 30 day process we are challenging you to eat right, drink the appropriate amount of water daily according to your weight, as well as workout for the amount of training sessions of your choice. We will also limit sugar, fat, and carb intake during this period. Your challenge starts the day of your first session! Training sessions will last 45-55 minutes. Feel free to grab a friend to participate in the challenge with you! This challenge will come with a full assessment on your strengths and weaknesses as well as a nutrition/weight loss guide that you will need to follow to the best of your ability. The guide includes diet tips, grocery list, etc. This challenge will be a great kick start to changing your lifestyle. Our goal during this 30 day process is to inspire you into making fitness and proper nutrition apart of your everyday life! (THIS CHALLENGE IS OFFERED ONE TIME ONLY FOR NEW CLIENTS & IS NOT OFFERED YEAR AROUND SO CONTACT US BEFORE PURCHASING!)

Online Training

This plan is designed for individuals who prefer to workout alone or whose schedules may not allow them to physically meet with one of our trainers consistently. We will provide you, via the trainerize app, with tailored workouts for the month according to the number of workouts you request monthly. Moreover, the PST Nutrition Guide, which offers an overview of various weight loss/weight gain mechanisms, as well as suggestions to maintain a healthy diet, is also included with your online plan. Videos of exercises will be provided and you will have 24 hour access to contact your trainer if you have any questions or concerns about your program. Please feel free to email us if this is a service that interests you!